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Weight loss is not an easy process that usually requires more than just exercising and a thought-through diet. People often experience such problems as cellulite after losing some weight; that’s where such products as Alidya are extremely useful.

With the help of this injectable solution, it becomes possible to prevent cellulite development in the early stages and reach the look of a patient’s dreams pretty fast. Let’s discuss Alidya in more details to learn about the exceptional abilities of this brand.

Basic Information About the Brand

Patented by Dr. Pasquale Motolese, Alidya is an effective solution for such aesthetic problems as cellulite and lipodystrophy. Thanks to the amino acid buffer system with bicarbonate-sodium corrector in the composition, it becomes possible not only to eliminate but to prevent the occurrence of skin depressions in the body. Not only that, but it also improves blood circulation, and it’s a well-known fact that poor circulation is the main reason of cellulite in different body areas.

Indication to Usage and Target Areas

Alidya anti-cellulite solution is meant to be administered in the areas where cellulite typically appears – shoulders, stomach, thighs, and buttocks. It is recommended to start using the injectable with amino acids as soon as you notice the first signs of skin depressions. In this way, it will be possible to improve its texture and tone, smooth out minor imperfections, and enhance the structure of the skin in general.

Many specialists recommend treatment with Alidya injectable substance after the liposuction procedure to correct minor imperfections that may appear on the skin after it; moreover, intralipotherapy can cause some unfortunate changes in the adipose tissue, and they can be effectively reduced with Alidya as well.

Procedure Protocol of the Alidya Brand

First of all, we would like to remind that only experienced professionals can use Alidya for cosmetic purposes. That’s important because if an amateur tries to use this injectable on their own, the consequences for their health and general well-being can be life-threatening.

Before the procedure, the injection should be prepared. A special solution is transferred from one vial to another with the help of a sterile syringe; the second one contains powder. Then, the vial is shaken for a few seconds so that the powder can dissolve fully in the liquid; in the end, it should be of a clear pinkish color.

Before injecting the product into the deep dermal layer of subcutaneous tissue, a doctor should apply local or topical anaesthetic in order to eliminate painful sensations that can appear during the administration. The type of painkiller is chosen depending on one’s pain tolerance and other skin peculiarities. After this step, Alidya can be administered into the treated area with the help of a thin needle. A beautician may massage the injection spot in order to make the blood circulation better and, in this way, make the result appear faster.

Typically, from seven to twelve appointments weekly are required to achieve set goals; the number of procedures depends on the injection zone, skin condition, and body peculiarities of a person overall. Maintenance injections are required every year to make the result long longer.

Main Safety Information

Before using Alidya to get cellulite-free skin, a patient should discuss possible side effects and complications that occur after treatment in order to understand which type of aftercare will be the best for them.

Adverse Reactions

Common side effects include redness, itching, bruising, and other injection site reactions; from a few hours to a day are needed for them to fade away. More unusual symptoms include increased skin tenderness and mild allergic reactions.

Please mind: If there are extremely painful sensations, unusual adverse reactions, or any sign of severe allergy (trouble breathing, swallowing, etc.), it is important to get in touch with a specialist as soon as possible to avoid serious health complications. 


People with the following issues cannot use the Alidya brand that prevents cellulite:

  • Kidney or liver disease;
  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • Thyroid disorders;
  • Blood-thinning issues;
  • History of using blood-thinning medications;
  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding.

How to Buy Alidya Online on the medeurostore.com Website?

Board-certified specialists can start the ordering process after completing a few simple steps:

  • Create your private account on a medeurostore.com website;
  • Check out all available products and add all you need to the shopping cart;
  • Order the delivery.

You may get in touch with one of our sales representatives as well to discuss any questions about our work, products, ordering process, delivery, and any other factor.

Place an order now and get the chance to use the following benefits we offer:

  • A great variety of original products by world-known brands and manufacturers;
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So, don’t postpone and buy everything you need for your clinic now! medeurostore.com is always here, ready to assist during every step of your experience with our store!

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