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Aqualyx is an innovative and revolutionary solution to lose weight, the brand from the Italian firm Marllor for destroying local cellulite and fatty deposits that have appeared on the market in 2009. Since that time it became one of the effective methods to remove excess fat on separate parts of the body without suffering, exhausting exercising, and diets.

Board-certified healthcare practitioners, owners of medical clinics, and licensed distributors of aesthetic medicine products are welcome to buy Aqualyx on medeurostore.com.com at very reasonable prices with free worldwide delivery. To get more information, please contact our sales managers.

Aqualyx – Innovative Remedy for Removing Stubborn Fat

Aqualyx possesses a unique composition that includes polymer based on glucose with integrated sodium salt of bile acid. The last ingredient has a pronounced lytic (dissolving) effect on the membrane of fat cells. At the same time, Aqualyx is completely biodegradable and biocompatible due to the endogenous nature of its components, so the remedy has no toxic effect on the whole organism. It is also important to stress that Aqualyx biodegradable gel does not affect the tissues surrounding the fat deposits, muscles, and skin.

The action of the drug to target fat cells leads to a local inflammatory reaction (not to be confused with suppuration), which further enhances lipolysis. As a result, about a week after the injection, we have a quite tangible result in the form of a decrease in the volume (girth) of the treated area, and, accordingly, harmonization of body contours.

The result of one injection for eliminating cellulite and fat cells in the stomach, chin, saddlebags, thighs, knees, buttocks, hips can be assessed after about 2-3 weeks, and then, if necessary, repeat the introduction. It is recommended to treat one area 2-4 times, depending on the developing effect and the desired result.

The Efficiency of Aqualyx Treatment to Lose Weight

The effectiveness of the method is excellent, especially in cases of small local deposits, body contouring with good skin tone. It is also attractive that after the procedure there is practically no rehabilitation period. Discomfort at the injection site is insignificant and disappears on its own in 3-4 days. Wearing compression underwear makes the patient’s sensations easier, but unlike liposuction, where you have to wear special, expensive underwear, there are enough ordinary tights with high density or shaping underwear, with which they are already trying to cover such places. And of course, we are not talking about any separation from ordinary affairs at all.

Benefits of Aqualyx

100% Safe

Chemically modified sodium salt of deoxycholic acid, which has a short duration of action (3-5 minutes, the time during which adipocytolysis occurs) is a natural metabolite, ensures full biological compatibility of the drug, effectiveness, and safety of action.


It works only at the injection site and guarantees the absence of toxic effects on the body.

Fully controlled action

The spongy structure promotes a slow, controlled release of the drug.

How to Buy Aqualyx Online on medeurostore.com?

If you are a board-certified healthcare provider, a representative of a medical clinic, or a licensed distributor, you are welcome to order Aqualyx wholesale or retail on our website medeurostore.com.com.

Note: We do not sell to individuals as all our assortment of products is for professional use only. Self-treatment or usage by not professionals may have serious health- and life-threatening consequences.

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