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On the market of dermal filler, the German injectable gels Belotero fillers are gaining higher and higher demand among doctors and patients in different corners of the world. A perfect correlation between the affordable price and excellent-provided results after the procedure with Belotero makes the brand a decent competitor to the biggest manufacturers in the field of dermal fillers and products for mesotherapy.

Belotero Cosmetic Dermal Fillers for the Correction of Various Skin Defects

Fillers Belotero are produced by the German company Merz-Aesthetics.

The fillers from this brand are unique monophasic gels for dermal injections based on synthetic hyaluronic acid produced using the CPM or also called DCL ( Dynamic Cross-Linking) technology.

The idea of this manufacturing technology lies in combining low and high molecular hyaluronic acid in one product. Multi stages procedure of binding and crosslinking the molecules of hyaluronic acid with a low and high molecular weight helps to achieve a perfectly smooth monophasic gel that differs from all other known dermal fillers by its ability to penetrate into the deepest and tiniest hollows in the derma (low-weight HA) and strengthen the dermal tissues with the help of high-weight HA. It helps to form a cohesive poly densified matrix (CPM).

A modern family of Belotero products includes 5 fillers.

Collection of Belotero Dermal Injectables

Containing an innovative formula of HA, the fillers of the Belotero range are effectively used for various correction options, depending on the individual characteristics of the patient.

Belotero Hydro

Belotero Hydro was specifically elaborated to deeply rehydrate (moisturize), restore radiance and elasticity to the skin. It is ideal for improving the skin of the face, arms, neck, and decollete.

Belotero Soft

The filler possesses a gentle and smooth structure for the natural correction of fine lines and superficial skin creases: crow’s feet and perioral wrinkles.

Belotero Balance

Belotero Basic or Belotero Balance is a denser hyaluronic acid dermal filler with a homogeneous texture to correct mid and deeper lines like creases between the eyebrows, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, lip contour and volume, lines in the corners of the mouth.

Belotero Intense

Belotero Intense is the densest and most viscous filler to eliminate more pronounced age-related changes, deep lines, and other skin imperfections: nasolabial folds, puppet wrinkles, lips contour, and volume.

Belotero Volume

Belotero Volume filler reconstructs and restores the volume of the face in various areas such as cheeks, cheekbones, chin, and temples.

All these preparations for restoring a more youthful appearance are available with local anesthetic lidocaine in the composition to reduce the pain during the injection.

Benefits of Injectable Therapy with Belotero Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

Due to polydensified matrix (CPM) technology of manufacturing, any Belotero product can boast the following benefits:

  • After the procedure, there is no need to carry out additional corrections and hypercorrections;
  • After injections, the desired effect is almost immediately visible;
  • Allergic reactions are completely absent;
  • The injected drug doesn’t migrate and remains at the site of implantation;
  • Injections cause less painful sensations to the patient due to the viscoelastic properties of the drug.

Once again, due to the combination of low- and high-molecular HA, the treatment with the Belotero brand provide excellent tissue integration for maximum natural and harmonious results. The effects after the procedure last from 6 to 12 months.

Despite a relatively small product line, Belotero offers gels able to cope with any aesthetic and age-related imperfection: soft tissue augmentation, restoring of facial volume, eliminating moderate lines and deeper wrinkles, restoring natural contours of the face, lip enhancement, correction of the lips shape, asymmetry, etc.

The treatment with Belotero range products (Belotero Basic, Soft, Hydro, Intense, and Volume) is suitable for any skin type and various areas on the face and body:

  • forehead
  • periorbital area
  • lips
  • perioral area
  • cheeks
  • chin
  • temples
  • neck
  • neckline
  • hands

It works perfectly for filling wrinkles, lip augmentation, improving the skin structure, and other aesthetic purposes, providing minimal side effects and body reactions:

  • pain
  • redness
  • swelling
  • bruising
  • sensitivity
  • tenderness

How to Buy Belotero Online on MedEuroStore

Belotero range of products from the German manufacturer Merz Aesthetics is available for purchase on MedEuroStore. Please note that we sell dermal injectables and other aesthetic medicine products only to board-certified healthcare providers, medical clinics, and aesthetic medicine distributing companies. They are not for individual use as self-treatment with a filler or mesotherapy product may be health-threatening.

If you have a legal right to buy the medications we offer, you can buy them on our website following the next simple steps:

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