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Perfectha dermal fillers, as one of the most effective and helpful products for skin rejuvenation, gained popularity among aesthetic medicine professionals pretty fast. Its formulation allows dealing with different skin-related problems in various patients, and numerous types of products are available for injectable treatments.

On medeurostore.com, the following injectables by the Perfectha brand can be purchased:

Only licensed professionals can buy Perfectha online on medeurostore.com.com. Healthcare practitioners, medical clinic representatives, and licensed distributors are welcomed to order on our website at any comfortable for them time. Do not hesitate to get in touch if any questions occur during the ordering process.

Perfectha Dermal Filler to Boost Your Skin

Perfectha fillers are injectables used in the cosmetic industry; they are produced by a Sinclair manufacturer (France) and have been available in the market since 2007. Active substance used in the product – stabilized non-animal biphasic hyaluronic acid perfected with the help of unique E-BRID technology.

Thanks to the special formula of every Perfectha filler, it is possible to guarantee a long-lasting, positive skin improvement and noticeable rejuvenating effect. Facial contours improvement and lost volume restoration are also possible.

Depending on one’s skin peculiarities and beautician’s experience, as well as the kind of injectable, the results may last from six to twelve months. However, it is always possible to visit the clinic and have a supporting injection session. Please mind that the product may be used by a licensed professional only to guarantee a safe procedure and minimal adverse reactions afterward.

Target Areas for the Treatment

Perfectha hyaluronic acid (HA) gel is an outstanding option to deal with one’s skin imperfections caused by the aging process. It is able to not only fill skin depressions but also boost tissue volume and improve facial features.

This filler may be administered in the following facial areas:

  • Perioral wrinkles (nasolabial folds. marionette lines, crow’s feet, and other dynamic wrinkles);
  • Treat superficial to deep wrinkles caused by the aging process;
  • Facial contouring volume restoration;
  • Lip contouring and lip augmentation;
  • And so on.

Only a medical professional can define whether Perfectha can be used to boost one’s appearance. The dose, the type of the filler, as well as the number of sessions to reach the desired results should be calculated prior to the main procedure.

Benefits of Perfectha for Wrinkles Elimination

Perfectha range became well-known among medical professionals for a reason. The number of benefits that distinguish this product among other options is truly impressive.

  • Long-lasting effect. Due to hyaluronic acid stabilization, the product remains in the deep dermis for a long time, so a patient may enjoy the natural-looking results for a more extended period;
  • High safety level. Due to the 100% biodegradation rate of the hyaluronic acid gel, it is possible to treat superficial wrinkles and fine lines without any complications;
  • Optimal skin hydration. Acid molecules in the composition allow enriching skin cells with the necessary amount of moisture;
  • Fewer chances to experience severe adverse reactions. Ingredients used for Perfectha creation are natural and safe, so the possibility of swelling, redness and other unpleasant symptoms is less possible;
  • Immediate results. As the chances of extended recovery time are less, a patient may enjoy the effect right after the administration (a day may be needed for the filler to settle).

How Is the Procedure Performed?

As with most aesthetic treatments, an appointment is required before the Perfectha administration to define the treated zones, the amount of the injectable, and other important details of the procedure protocol.

Before injecting the product with the help of a thin needle, the area should be carefully cleaned with the help of an antiseptic. Afterward, a local anesthetic is applied to minimize the discomfort that can appear during the administration; typically, it’s applied topically, however, a lidocaine injection may be used as well. The procedure itself doesn’t take long (not longer than 30 minutes), and a person may go back to the daily routine right after.

The effect lasts up to twelve months and can be prolonged with the help of additional supporting treatment sessions.

Adverse Reactions and Contraindications

Even though the beneficial formula of Perfectha fillers minimizes the possibility of side effects to the max, some people can still experience such symptoms as itching, bruising, and increased skin tenderness. To avoid that, it is recommended to follow beauticians’ pieces of advice and take proper care of the injection area.

In case any complications appear after the treatment, or if a person experiences severe discomfort, it is vital to contact the medical professional immediately to get proper medical advice, consultation, or treatment.

Perfectha line is not suitable for patients with the following issues:

  • Severe allergic reactions to any ingredients of the product;
  • Skin irritation, damage, inflammation in the about-to-be-treated zone;
  • Chemical peels and other external facial cosmetic procedures;
  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Post-Treatment Aftercare Advice

In order to make the recovery process faster, as well as to eliminate possible negative reactions after the procedure, there are some pre and post-treatment rules that should be followed.

First of all, you should avoid blood-thinning medications such as Ibuprofen; alcohol has the same ability to make bruising worse, so it shouldn’t be consumed three days before the injection as well. Discuss all over-the-counter medications you’re taking with a beautician to make sure they won’t cause any severe adverse reactions when combined with Perfectha.

After the injection, it is recommended to avoid strenuous exercise, places with high temperatures, direct sunlight, etc. Always use sunscreen, and apply ice packages to the treated zone if required.

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