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In 1978, a group of specialists from the French laboratory Fillmed created and produced high-performance solutions to combat skin aging in people across the world today. We are, of course, talking about the eponymous brand of dermal fillers – Fillmed. It was the first laboratory in aesthetic medicine that came up with such a unique and effective product, so no wonder the brand is famous and well-trusted among thousands of beauticians nowadays.

Because of the hyaluronic acid in the products’ composition, specialists now are able not only to eliminate one’s skin imperfections and signs of aging but can also boost overall skin condition with the help of hydrating abilities of the fillers. The results are noticeable straight after the procedure and become even better as time goes by. Why? All thanks to the natural process of producing natural collagen, HA, and elastin that begin after the Fillmed injection.

The whole range of products by Fillmed is available on medeurostore.com.com. Important note: We only sell to licensed professionals, so make sure to upload your license to your private account on our website before adding products to the cart.

Fillmed Fillers – an Easy Way of Effective Skin Improvement and Wrinkles Elimination

Fillmed is an absolute leader in high-tech skincare because of its legendary anti-ageing products. A key to the success of this brand is, without any doubt, a unique formula used in every injectable. The first French laboratory doesn’t keep the composition a secret, so let’s have a closer look for a better understanding and overall awareness about the fillers. The following ingredients are included:

  • Artificial non-stabilized hyaluronic acid;
  • The list of vitamins (namely, A, B-group, E, C, I to boost skin surface, texture, hydration, etc., and improve blood vessels’ condition);
  • 20 amino acids (those help the product to start acting faster and begin the skin renovation right after the administration);
  • Coenzymes (to improve metabolism and stimulate natural production of elastin and collagen in the body);
  • Nucleic acids (to form amino acid chains);
  • Antioxidants (to stop the release of free radicals which negatively affect a post-treatment process);
  • Minerals (to make the iconic balance in the skin better).

As for anti-ageing skincare, Fillmed may be used for different categories of patients under the condition that consultation was conducted before the injection. This factor is important because only a medical professional may decide whether the treatment is suitable for a person. The dose, the number of appointments, and the type of the product are calculated before the treatment as well.

Wide Range of Products by the Brand at the Best Fillmed Price

Revolutionary anti-ageing skincare products (Fillmed dermal fillers) are available on our website in different variations, namely:

You may purchase any product mentioned above on medeurostore.com (if you are a professional with a valid license, of course).

After administering dermal filler under the skin, it distributes easily, in this way fills in deep wrinkles and creases, eliminates skin defects, and provides a patient with a natural rejuvenating effect. After that, an individual may enjoy beneficial results for up to a year (this factor depends a lot on one’s body peculiarities, health condition, age, and other important factors).

Thanks to the unique formula and the best components used during the production, a client may achieve the following aesthetic goals after the filler administration:

  • Eliminate age-related skin imperfections;
  • Whiten facial surface (pigmentation marks, dark circles, etc.);
  • Fill in deeper creases and folds;
  • Make depressed skin more glowing and youthful;
  • Improve the condition of blood vessels;
  • Hydrate dry skin,
  • And so on.

Filmed fillers may be used in the following facial areas: forehead, periorbital and glabellar area, cheeks, temples, jawline, lips, etc.

Reasons to Choose Fillmed for Your Clinic

  • This filler may be used on practically every facial area;
  • Different variations of the product may be picked individually for every client;
  • The results appear quickly and last for a long time;
  • The brand is well-known worldwide, and many professionals choose it due to the great reputation of the fillers;
  • The application is easy and practically painless;
  • Fillers’ prices are affordable and reasonable.

If you have been looking for a place to buy products from the Fillmeds brand, medeurostore.com is here for you! Add all needed dermal fillers to the cart and order medicines for the clinic today!

How to Buy Fillmed Online on medeurostore.com?

If you want to become our regular client and use a great variety of benefits available on medeurostore.com, you should know that we do not sell our goods to individuals. medeurostore.com company works only with board-certified healthcare providers, medical clinics, and licensed aesthetic medications distributors. All because of the overall safety and the importance of clients’ health, as all the remedies we offer are for professional usage only.

You can create a private account on our website to place an order at any comfortable for your time and enjoy fast shipping, beneficial wholesale prices, and an individual bonus program.

If you have any questions left, our customer support team is ready to assist you at any time during our working hours.

Thank you for your trust!
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