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The contemporary aesthetic medicine market is oversaturated by a great number of brands, such as Juvederm, Restylane, Revolax, and many others. Therefore, it might be challenging to define whether a concrete product will fit your individual needs best unless you know the background details on it.

The below-mentioned information will assist you in getting acquainted with the Teosyal brand and its product line. Namely, you will be able to check out its main peculiarities, range of preparations, and options of where to buy it. So, let’s delve into the world of aesthetic beauty right away!

The Teosyal Brand in a Nutshell

The Teosyal brand is a trademark that belongs to Teoxane, a Swiss pharmaceutical company. It was founded in Geneva in 2003 with an aim to satisfy the demanding market of aesthetic medicine with highly-effective avantgarde products that are based on scrupulous scientific research.

Today, Teoxane provides numerous health care practitioners all around the world with the following preparations of the highest quality:

  • Dermal fillers;
  • Cosmeceuticals (or, in other words, skincare products).

Teosyal is an award-winning brand of dermal fillers that reflect the high standards of Teoxane. While being manufactured in laboratories in Geneva, these products have the following characteristics:

  • Hyaluronic acid-based. When being more precise, the main active ingredient of Teosyal dermal fillers is biodegradable and biocompatible hyaluronic acid (HA) of non-animal origin and high purity. As well, it has a high molecular weight, which means that it might attract water to your skin cells efficiently;
  • Highly viscous. While having a high level of viscosity, Teosyal products provide volume and treat tiny to ultra-deep wrinkles efficiently;
  • Comfortably administered. Dermal fillers of the Teosyal range either contain a local anesthetic or are compatible with a topical numbing cream. Therefore, they ensure a pain-free and comfortable injection process;
  • Durable. Depending on a patient’s individual health condition, lifestyle, and treatment area, the result from a Teosyal treatment might last up to 24 months.

Thus, Teosyal is a brand that manufactures top-quality products that are employed in dermal filler treatment.

What Is Teosyal Used For?

While being a hyaluronic acid-based filler, Teosyal is used for:

  • Reduction of wrinkles, fine lines, and folds;
  • Correction of lips;
  • Providing intense skin’s hydration;
  • Modeling of certain facial parts (such as cheeks or chin);
  • Defining facial contours;
  • Tightening the skin by means of making it more elastic;
  • Improving the appearance of skin depressions (like acne scars or injuries).

As a result, Teosyal products offer a profound rejuvenation and enhancement of a patient’s overall appearance.

Teosyal preparations might be applied to different areas of the human body. Namely, the main parts that are treated with these injectable dermal fillers are:

  • Forehead;
  • Temples;
  • Periorbital area (namely, under-eye circles and crow’s feet);
  • Cheekbones;
  • Cheeks (together with deep nasal furrows);
  • Nasolabial area;
  • Perioral area (including wrinkles around the lip corners and barcode);
  • Lips;
  • Jaw-line and chin;
  • Neck;
  • Chest;
  • Etc.

Therefore, Teosyal hyaluronic acid molecules are efficient in treating wrinkles, reshaping lip contours, and hydrating the skin, and enhancing the overall appearance and condition of various facial and body parts (like upper face, periorbital, and perioral areas).

How Long Does Teosyal Last?

The composition of Teosyal contains biodegradable hyaluronic acid, which means that the product will degrade with time, just like natural hyaluronic acid (which is an essential skin component) in a human body does. Therefore, any dermal filler product of the Teosyal range is not permanent.

In general, the result from Teosyal fillers might last up to 24 months. However, the exact duration depends on:

  • The type of a dermal filler from the Teosyal product range (the higher concentration of hyaluronic acid a filler has, the longer it might last);
  • The treatment area (for instance, a preparation might degrade quicker in mobile facial areas if compared to immobile ones);
  • The individual age, health condition, and lifestyle, of every patient.

Consequently, there is no precise answer to the question of how long Teosyal lasts. Still, you might expect to enjoy the result of the treatment for quite a substantial period of time.

The Teosyal Product Range

The full range of Teosyal dermal fillers includes a great number of preparations, each of them having its own:

  • Properties;
  • Peculiarities;
  • Intended treatment areas;
  • Desirable results.

While some “representatives” of the brand deal with moderate wrinkles or nasolabial lines (like Teosyal TOUCH UP), others have the power to profoundly restore lost volume or even reshape a patient’s face (like Teosyal ULTRA DEEP).

A side note: Remember, it is the task of a certified health care practitioner to define what type of filler will fit your personal needs best.

Below, you will find short information on the following product lines of the Teosyal brand:

  • Teosyal RHA;
  • Teosyal PURESENSE;
  • Teosyal MESO.

The Teosyal RHA Line

The Teosyal RHA line includes dermal fillers that are based on resilient hyaluronic acid (which is produced according to a special patented process that preserves its natural characteristics). They are capable to return to their original shape even after being altered. Therefore, Teosyal RHA products are specifically designed to treat dynamic areas.

The RHA product line consists of four main preparations that differ in their intensity:

As well, it includes RHA KISS, a preparation that is intended to provide a patient with a dynamic lip reshaping.

The Teosyal PURESENSE Line

The Teosyal PURESENSE line, in its turn, contains a wide range of products made of hyaluronic acid designed for a variety of specific reasons. Here is the list of the main ones:

Names of the above-mentioned products suggest their main indications to a certain extent. For instance, Teosyal DEEP LINES is specifically designed to treat deep nasolabial folds, forehead wrinkles, and marionette lines. While Teosyal KISS, in its turn, is intended to create sensational lips and enhance their contour.

A side note: Most products from the PURESENSE line might either contain or do not contain lidocaine.

Teosyal MESO

Teosyal MESO is a special product in the brand’s product line, mainly because its natural content is intended to revitalize and rehydrate a patient’s skin. In other words, it is used as a mesotherapy treatment for the following areas:

  • Decollete;
  • Neck;
  • Face.

A side note: Another Teosyal product that has similar to MESO indications is Teosyal PURESENSE REDENSITY.

How to Buy Teosyal Online on a medeurostore.com Website?

If you are looking for a reliable supplier of Teosyal products, you have come to the right place. Here at medeurostore.com, you will be able to:

  • Select from a wide range of products of world-known brands;
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  • Contact a knowledgeable customer support team at any time.

A side note: You might buy products on a medeurostore.com website if you are a certified health care practitioner.

To make a purchase on a medeurostore.com website, you will have to:

  • Create an account;
  • Add the necessary product to your shopping cart;
  • Order the delivery.

So, place your order at any time, and let us become your medical suppliers!

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