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In the aesthetic medicine sphere, the number of options among dermal fillers is truly amazing; it is possible to pick a method to boost one’s appearance in the most effective way. The Revofil brand is among the well-known options famous for its excellent characteristics and outstanding results. It is able to not only eliminate one’s aging signs but also improve dull skin noticeably.

At medeurostore.com, Revofil is available for purchase only for board-certified professionals; in case you are a healthcare practitioner, a representative of a medical clinic, or a licensed distributor, you may place your order on our website. In case there are any questions, feel free to contact our sales representatives. 

Revofil Brand for Skin Boost

Revofil is an injectable dermal fillers brand for improving one’s appearance by smoothing out wrinkles and other signs of aging. The product was created and developed in South Korea by the Caregen company. The brand is represented by two main types of fillers – with cross-linked hyaluronic acid in the composition (Fine, Plus, and Ultra), as well as with non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid (Revofil Aquashine and AquashineBR).

The main purpose of this skin product is to help get rid of wrinkles, eliminate hyperpigmentation, and add the face some volume by filling in hollow facial areas. Facial contours may be improved with its help as well. Thanks to a unique composition, patients may enjoy the effect longer compared to other injectables.

Target Areas and Aesthetic Purposes

Various types of fillers by Revofil are meant for different areas of the face; however, one thing is a well-known fact – hyaluronic acid makes it possible to treat aging skin in practically every zone. Let’s have a closer look at target areas:

  • Jaw and chin (to enhance facial contours);
  • Lip contouring (as an alternative to injectable implants, it may enhance lips and eliminate wrinkles around the mouth);
  • Nasolabial folds, marionette lines (deep creases are successfully filled in with Revofil injectables);
  • Cheek (the product is able to improve facial features noticeably);
  • Nose bridge (despite you need to sharpen the nose, make bumps less noticeable, or boost the shape overall – Revofil will be perfect for this purpose);
  • Lower eyelid and tear troughs (HA in the composition makes it possible to treat even the most sensitive zones);
  • Temporal region (it includes crow’s feet and mimic wrinkles around the eyes);
  • Forehead (fine lines in this area are pretty common, and Revofil is able to fill in those effectively);
  • Neck (sagging skin is one of the most common problems people need to deal with);
  • Back of the hands (hands rejuvenation has become very popular among aesthetic treatments nowadays).

Main Benefits of Revofil Fillers

The Revofil range contains biometric peptides and amino acids in its composition, which have a stabilizing effect on hyaluronidase; in this way, the procedure may guarantee an instant and stable result, as well as minimized skin problems.

HA in the composition helps keep the effect longer compared to other cosmetic procedures and products and may deal even with the dullest and depressed skin. Moreover, the injectable can be used practically by anyone due to all the useful ingredients used for its creation.

Revofil’s Procedure Protocol

Revofil dermal filler can only be sold to and used by a licensed, experienced professional in aesthetic medicine. The treatment itself is not complicated and doesn’t require a lot of time (it takes approximately 30 minutes to an hour maximum to finish the procedure).

Before the injection, a patient should have an appointment with a medical professional to make sure Revofil is a suitable filler for them. If everything is okay, the zone of injection may be cleaned with an anesthetic, and the Revofil treatment may begin.

Before administering the injectable, a local anesthetic is used on the treated area in order to eliminate unpleasant feelings during the procedure. Specialists recommend having a touch-up session in order to maintain the result and keep one’s skin youthful and glowing.

Adverse Reactions of the Dermal Filler

Like most cosmetic products in aesthetic medicine, Revofil’s main side effect is the injection site reaction. It may include such uncomfortable signs as redness, itching, swelling, bruising, and others. These symptoms are not dangerous and cannot hurt a person a lot; however, they still can be quite annoying.

Other adverse reactions include high skin sensitivity in the area of administration, as well as irritation in the zones close to the injection spot. A doctor may recommend some methods to eliminate these sensations in a person. It is not recommended to try massage or heat the area to get rid of the skin sensitivity.

Buy Products by Revofil on medeurostore.com

MedEuroStore is a trustworthy European supplier of aesthetic medicine goods and skin care products of high quality. We cooperate with the manufacturers directly to guarantee the best prices on the market to our customers.

What do we offer?

✔hyaluronic acid fillers;

✔products for mesotherapy;

✔comsetic threads;

✔skincare cosmetics.

Please remember: MedEuroStore does not sell to individuals because all our brands are for professional use ONLY. Medical professionals, respective owners of medical clinics, and licensed distributors, on the other hand, can easily purchase all needed goods at medeurostore.com. 

You are always welcome to contact our customer support or sales managers team if you have any questions. We are always there for you within our operating hours to assist with any of your concerns.

Thank you for your trust!
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