Aqualyx 10 vials

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Aqualyx 10 vials


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Excess weight is a problem many people struggle with on a daily basis. And even though healthy eating habits and regular exercising routines are quite helpful, sometimes they are not enough to lose the desired amount of weight.

That’s where such products as Aqualyx come in very handy. With the help of the injectable treatment, it becomes more possible to remove excess fat and bring people closer to the figure of their dream. Let’s have a closer look at the basic information on the Aqualux injectable. If you would like to buy Aqualyx online, check out the full range of the brand’s products.

Note: Such products as Aqualyx can be used by medical professionals only, so make sure you indicate all required information during the ordering process. Contact us if you have any questions about this product or how to buy it on 

Essential Information on the Products

Aqualyx for cellulite and fatty deposits reduction that contains completely biodegradable sodium deoxycholate in its base; this substance can be produced naturally by the liver in the body. This injectable is typically used in fat-burning mesotherapy; in general, it takes up to three procedures to see the positive effect and reach set goals.

After the administration, cell membranes of the fat cells are broken down and led out of the body through the lymphatic system (also known as the waste and filtration body system). Finally, it is removed through the urine, so medical experts recommend drinking a lot of water for a week or two after the treatment.

The remedy has to be injected directly into the adipose tissue to eliminate cellulite and unfortunate excess weight effectively. The solution stays in the body for up to three months; during this time, a patient will see a noticeable improvement and experience removing stubborn fat.

Target Audience and Treatment Areas

After administering Aqualyx that eliminates fat, a person may expect positive results and fast effects at the following facial and body areas:

  • Thighs;
  • Knees;
  • Buttocks;
  • Hips;
  • Stomach;
  • Chin;
  • Saddlebags;
  • Back;
  • And so on.

It also makes it easier to remove fat pockets, treat patients who gain weight because of various health issues, and improve one’s appearance overall. Mind that only medical professionals who have received specialist training can conduct Aqualyx treatments to help lose weight to people. That’s an important requirement for patients’ safety and the guarantee of positive results in the future.

Contraindications to Aqualyx Procedure

As with every beauty procedure in aesthetic medicine, there are some limitations that should be discussed prior to the actual injection session. The following patients’ categories cannot use Aqualyx for their appearance perfection:

  • Breastfeeding or pregnant women;
  • People who suffer from lipodystrophy;
  • Skin infections, damages, or other conditions in the treated zone;
  • Patients with pathological conditions like cancer, arthritis, heart issues, etc.;
  • People younger than 18 and older than 60 years old.

Even though Aqualyx is a revolutionary solution for those with excess weight, there are still some other options of the procedures for weight loss. Discuss the alternatives with a doctor in a clinic if needed.

Aqualyx Side Effects

Even when performed by fully trained medical professionals, Aqualyx can cause several adverse reactions that should be discussed with a client prior to the treatment. The most common ones are, of course, injection site reactions like swelling, bruising, itching, and increased sensitivity in the administration spots.

Everything mentioned above is not dangerous for the overall health condition and should be gone within a week. However, if any complications occur, or if minor side effects are still present after a week, it is recommended to get in touch with a medical expert to get proper medical advice, treatment, or consultation.

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