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Belotero Soft 1ml


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To provide the clients with maximum natural, soft, and elegant results, the Swiss company Merz Aesthetics has elaborated a unique dermal filler Belotero Soft.

You can buy this and many other Belotero products on with free worldwide delivery.

Basic Properties of Belotero Soft

Belotero Soft dermal filler is based on the cross-linked sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid) of non-animal origin, produced using unique patented CPM (cohesive polydensified Matrix) technology that allows creating soft, smooth, homogeneous, and gentle dermal gel for solving various aesthetic problems.

Due to the relatively low concentration of hyaluronic acid in the filler – 20 mg/ml, it is plastic and suitable for the delicate correction of even the finest skin (for example, perioral lines). Moreover, the filler contains phosphate buffer for easy and comfortable administration of the product during the injection as well as minimizing swelling during the procedure.

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Indications for Belotero Soft

Compared to other hyaluronic acid fillers from the Belotero brand, Belotero soft is the less dense filler suitable for solving the next aesthetic problems:

  • correction of fine lines in the perioral area (crow’s feet and perioral lines)
  • superficial lines around the lips when there is no necessity to add volume
  • filling wrinkles like forehead lines in other areas for the soft and natural look

The filler is the most popular among patients 25-35 years old with superficial wrinkles and minor aging changes. It is not designed for cheeks and lips lip augmentation, restoring facial volume, defining facial contours.

Due to the water-binding capacity of hyaluronic acid, Belotero Soft is suitable not for fine line correction but also for deep skin rehydration, lip injections with the aim to hydrate and nourish.

Limitations to the Procedure with Belotero Soft

Due to the non-organic origin of the active ingredients in Belotero dermal fillers, these products possess a high profile of safety and biocompatibility. The following medical conditions are contraindications to the injections of Belotero Soft:

  • allergy to any components of the filler
  • acute and chronic skin diseases in the areas of the expected impact
  • diseases accompanied by a violation of the blood coagulation system
  • pregnancy and lactation
  • paraneoplastic diseases
  • atopic skin diseases
  • specific contraindications, determined by the instructions for the use of the product.

Possible Side Effects after Injection with Belotero Soft

Side effects after the procedure with Belotero dermal fillers are minimal and temporary. Directly after the procedure, the patient may observe:

  • pain at the injection site
  • redness
  • swelling
  • bruising
  • itching
  • sensitivity

The precautionary measures to minimize any risks and unwanted body reactions are not to apply decorative cosmetics to the treated area and not visit the fitness room during the first 12 hours, and for the next 14 days avoid visiting the solarium, sauna, beach, pool, places with sudden temperature changes. It is also recommended to refrain from any kind of mechanical or chemical action on the skin.

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