Belotero Soft with Lidocaine 1ml

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Belotero Soft with Lidocaine 1ml


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In order to solve the problem of annoying superficial wrinkles that appear with age, the Swiss company Merz Aesthetics came up with Belotero Soft with Lidocaine. The composition of the product allows removing skin creases and eliminating painful sensations during the injection at the same time.

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The description provided below is here for informational purposes only. If you have any questions after reading – do not hesitate to contact customer support to have a consultation.

Basic Characteristics of Belotero Soft with Lidocaine

Belotero Soft Lidocaine – an injectable with a cross-linked sodium hyaluronate in the base of its composition. Thanks to this substance, as well as Cohesive Polydensified Matrix (CPM) technology, the product may easily improve a patient’s appearance and solve the problem of dehydrated skin (all thanks to water binding capacity).

Due to the density of the Belotero product range, correction procedures are usually performed without any complications. If post-treatment rules are followed properly, filler migration can also be avoided.

The gel itself comes in a prefilled glass syringe with an extra-thin needle, which is comfortable for exploitation both for a beautician and the client. 0,3% of lidocaine in composition allows to conduct pain-free treatment and boost one’s skin condition quickly and effectively.


According to the description, Belotero Soft may be administered to deal with the following aesthetic problems:

  • Fine lines (e.g., crow’s feet and perioral lines);
  • Forehead wrinkles (also known as frown lines);
  • Jugal wrinkles.

Belotero’s filling properties smooth out minor wrinkles perfectly, as well as can provide a client with deep rehydration at practically every facial area.

Added lidocaine acts as a pain killer and makes the treatment more comfortable. For those with low pain tolerance, a doctor may apply a local anaesthetic as well to eliminate discomfort completely. A customer may enjoy an extremely effective result straight after the first injection; a full effect will be noticeable after approximately a week. Thanks to HA in the composition, a person may enjoy prolonged effect even after filler wears off – just enough to have another appointment.

Limitations to the Belotero Soft Treatment

Because of the non-organic origin, Belotero gel causes minimal side effects and can be used by practically every type of client. However, the following conditions may be a contraindication to using Belotero Soft Lidocaine:

  • Hypersensitivity to any ingredient of dermal fillers;
  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding;
  • Skin inflammations or damages in the treated area;
  • Blood coagulation system diseases;
  • Paraneoplastic diseases.

It is recommended to have a consultation with a medical professional before using Belotero products. All because the alternative filler should be picked in case Belotero is not right for a client.

Adverse Reactions and Complications

Side effects after injecting Belotero Soft Lidocaine are minimal and usually temporal. A doctor should inform a patient about them before the administration to make sure they will know what to do if any complications happen:

  • Redness;
  • Itching;
  • Bruising;
  • Swelling;
  • Other injection-site reactions;
  • Increased skin sensitivity.

A person should be careful to avoid filler migration; in order to do that, it is recommended to sleep on the back and avoid facial massage for a few days.

In case any allergic reactions occur, or if the person experiences severe adverse reactions, a beautician should be informed about it right away. It s important to have proper treatment on time to avoid dangerous health complications.

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