Etermis 4 (2x1ml)

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Etermis 4 (2x1ml)


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Etermis 4 dermal filler for fine lines and wrinkles is a product meant for skin rejuvenation and aging signs elimination. Thanks to the unique composition of the product, it is possible to achieve desired results quickly and provide a patient with a younger-looking appearance. Let’s have a closer look at the injectable.

Basic Characteristics of Etermis 4

Etermis 4 – an injectable that is created to be administered into the mid and deep dermis to reduce aging signs on the skin. The active ingredient of the product, cross-linked hyaluronic acid, is a guarantee of a fast and noticeable result. Mannitol and sodium phosphate buffer included in the composition allows the effect to last longer and lets a person enjoy it much more.

As lidocaine is not one of the components in the Etermis’s composition, it is important to apply a topical anesthetic on the treated area to eliminate discomfort and any painful sensations that can appear during the appointment in a clinic. This step is a must, especially for clients with low pain tolerance.

The outcome of the treatment depends a lot on such factors as age, skin type, everyday routine, diet, and others. With quality assurance controls carried out to the highest standards, we can guarantee that every box is carefully checked and is 100% safe for all the patients out there.

Target Areas and Indications

Etermis 4 cosmetic injections demonstrate outstanding results in skin quality improvement and effective rejuvenation. A special formula of the product makes it possible to eliminate wrinkles and other age-related flaws in various areas. Here are some common spots and goals of Etermis 4 administration:

  • Treating skin depressions in mature skin;
  • Filling in deep and severe wrinkles;
  • Moderate wrinkles elimination in the area of a nasolabial triangle (nasolabial folds, marionette lines, etc.) and chin;
  • Frown lines reduction;
  • Add volume and create natural results in the area of chin, cheeks, cheekbones, and nose;
  • Skin surface and texture improvement;
  • Diminish sagging skin in various places;
  • And so on.

Before the procedure, the appointment is required to calculate the amount of remedy needed to reach the desired result, as well as to see the condition of the skin in the about-to-be-treated area. Before the injection itself, the skin is carefully cleaned from makeup, facial oil, and other unwanted things. Finally, the gel is administered into the mid to deep dermis, filling severe wrinkles and making skin look younger and more glowing.

The full effect will be visible a few days after the appointment and will stay up to 12 months. However, to prolong the durability of the product, specialists recommend having an additional treatment every six months.

Adverse Reactions

All Etermis dermal fillers are considered to be safe thanks to quality assurance control conducted during the manufacturing process. Moreover, if a beautician is an experienced professional who uses a correct injection technique during the appointment, the chances of any adverse reactions decrease significantly.

However, it is still important to be aware of possible complications to know what steps are needed in the post-treatment aftercare routine. So, these are the most common Etermis 4 side effects:

  • Injection site reactions (that includes itching, redness, swelling, and so on);
  • Skin discoloration;
  • Bruising in the places of the needle insertion;
  • Increased sensitivity of the treated zone;
  • Etc.

Typically, these are gone in a few days after the injection session and can be eliminated effectively with the help of certain aftercare tips (icepacks application, avoiding places with excess heat, etc.). These have to be discussed with a medical professional to pick methods that would be the most effective for an individual.

Limitations to Usage

The following clients cannot use Etermis 4 for their aesthetic purposes:

  • People with increased sensitivity to any ingredient of the gel;
  • Those with inflammations, damages, or irritations in the injection spots;
  • Severe episodes of untreated diseases (for example, an autoimmune disorder);
  • Certain medications prescribed to an individual (those have to be discussed with a doctor);
  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding.

All health peculiarities should be discussed before the procedure to make sure the will be no complications caused by the injection afterward.

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