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In the world of aesthetic medicine, the Saypha brand is famous for its ability to restore the natural level of hyaluronic acid within a patient’s body and, therefore, efficiently deal with various signs of aging. The Saypha product line includes the following preparations:

A side note: Princess is the name that the Saypha product line had before the rebranding.

Moreover, the composition of the above-mentioned products might either contain or do not contain lidocaine.

In the information below, you will find a detailed description of Saypha Rich. Namely, you will be able to check out its main properties, indications for usage, contraindications, possible side effects, and after-treatment recovery recommendations.

So, keep reading if you would like to buy Saypha Rich online or read more details on the product.

Basic Properties of Saypha (Princess) Rich

Saypha (Princess) Rich is a cosmetic preparation that is manufactured by the Austrian company Croma Pharma. When being more precise, it is an injectable, viscoelastic, gel-like substance that is used for a wide range of cosmetic purposes connected to the overall rejuvenation and revitalization of a patient’s appearance.

The composition of the preparation consists of the following components:

  • Hyaluronic acid (HA). While being of non-animal origin and undergoing no cross-linking, it has a very high molecular weight and a high concentration (18 mg/ml). These properties of Saypha Rich’s hyaluronic acid ensure deep skin hydration and profoundly improved elasticity;
  • Glycerol. The product is based on non-cross-linked HA. Still, it is stabilized by glycerol (20 mg/ml) with the help of an innovative SMART (Supreme Monophasic and Reticulated Technology) technique. As a result, the preparation offers long-lasting rejuvenation effects.

The above-mentioned product’s composition efficiently preserves hydration of different skin layers and retains water within the skin tissue.

A side note: Despite the fact that Saypha (Princess) Rich does not contain lidocaine, it is compatible with a great variety of numbing creams that can be applied to the treatment area in order to reduce unpleasant feelings during the procedure.

The treatment that involves Saypha Rich is usually held as a series of 3 procedures with a 3 weeks interval between them. The preparation should be injected into the superficial (deep) dermis with the help of a 30G 1/2 needle.

The standard areas for Saypha Rich injections are:

  • Hands;
  • Upper arms;
  • Decolletage;
  • Neck;
  • Face.

After being injected into the above-mentioned areas as a series of procedures, the preparation ensures the natural-looking and durable effect of up to 10 months.

What’s in the box? The package of Saypha (Princess) Rich 1x1ml consists of 1 pre-filled syringe with the preparation, 2 30G 1/2 needles, and traceability labels.

Indications for Usage

The preparation of Saypha Rich might be involved in aesthetic treatments with a wide range of indications. In most cases, the product is used for the following purposes:

  • To activate the natural production of hyaluronic acid;
  • To hydrate and moisturize the skin;
  • To improve skin elasticity;
  • To enhance the overall skin tone and provide it with a natural glow;
  • To reduce folds, fine lines, and wrinkles (including smile lines, crow’s feet, perioral wrinkles, smoke lines, and so on).

A side note: Despite the fact that Saypha Rich has the power to take care of certain types of small lines, you might want to take a closer look at other Croma Saypha (Princess) products if your primary goal is to fight severe wrinkles. For instance, Saypha Filler from the Princess range of preparations is a dermal filler that is specifically designed to take care of such aging signs as wrinkles.

Based on its main indications, Saypha Rich turns out to be a non-animal hyaluronic acid-based natural moisturizer that is injected into the superficial dermal layer to profoundly rejuvenate and enhance the skin. In other words, it might be seen as one of the most efficient preparations involved in mesotherapy treatments these days.


The Saypha Rich gel belongs to safe preparations that are perfectly absorbed by the human body in most cases. Still, you should avoid injecting the product in case of the following limitations:

  • Allergic reactions to any of the preparation components (please remember that the product has a high concentration of hyaluronic acid and, thus, should not be administered to patients who are allergic to it);
  • Autoimmune disorders or the parallel undergoing of an immune therapy;
  • Predispositions to develop hypertrophic scars;
  • Skin irritations around the injection site;
  • Etc.

A safety note: In order to make sure that you do not have any individual contraindications to the product, consult with your health care practitioner beforehand.

Possible Side Effects

Under normal circumstances, Saypha Rich does not lead to any serious side effects. Still, you might experience the following symptoms after the injection of the gel:

  • Temporary irritation around the injection site (including redness or itching);
  • Short painful feelings;
  • Bruising or minimal bleeding.

Do not hurry up to worry, though, as the above-mentioned side effects tend to disappear within the short time after the treatment and do not require any medical help in most cases.

After-Treatment Recovery

The administration of Saypha Rich is minimally invasive. Therefore, it requires little to no downtime, and you are expected to return to your usual lifestyle shortly after the procedure.

However, please follow the below-mentioned recommendations for the first 48 hours after the injection to prolong the effect of the treatment and minimize the possibility of any complications:

  • Use sun-protection cream at the injection site;
  • Do not exercise strenuously.

A side note: Depending on your individual health condition and lifestyle, your health care practitioner might provide you with personal after-treatment recovery recommendations.

How to Buy Saypha Rich Online

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In order to buy Saypha Rich online, do the following:

  • Create an account;
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Brand Saypha
Manufacturer Croma Pharma
Country of origin Austria
Volume 1 ml
Active ingredient Hyaluronic Acid
HA concentration 18 mg/ml
Lidocaine No
Application areas Decollete, Face, Hands, Neck, Upper arms
Dermal layers Superficial dermis
Duration of effect Up to 10 months
Needles 30G 1/2
Package 1x1ml syringe